3D Printing – Polyjet

Polyjet vs FDMWhen it comes to Rapid Prototyping a big buzz word is 3D Printing, whether it’s a new manufacturer of 3D Printers, or a manufacturer of custom 3D Printed parts the buzz is everywhere, and rightfully so. At Schmit Prototypes we offer a couple different 3D Printing methods (SLA, FDM, & Polyjet) and for the focus of this discussion we’ll be highlighting the benefits of PolyJet printing. Similar to others it prints in layers, but what seperates it from others is the ‘fineness’ of those layers; capable of printing in 16 micron layers with accuracy as high as 0.1 mm for smooth surfaces, thin walls and complex geometries.

PolyJet is an excellent option for high resolution presentation models, small prototypes and master patterns for urethane casting.

Even the most complex models can now be produced with high quality and precision. Just like other forms of 3D Printing, a major advantage of Polyjet is speed; at Schmit Prototypes we can often send parts out the same day that files are received.

Polyjet Printing is a great option for:

  • High quality custom parts
  • Prototypes for form and fit testing
  • Short-run production parts
  • High accuracy
  • Proof of concept/design