Electronics Injection Molding

Injection Molded Structural Electronics

As an electronics injection molding manufacturer, we’re able to adhere to your injection molding needs through our precise attention to detail. Our services have helped businesses in the electronics industry to improve their design process and increase production. We don’t create circuit boards. We make custom electronic enclosures via plastic injection molding that allow those big-ticket electrical items to function.

Our theoretical injection molding designs of structural electronics will help bring your product’s parts to life so you can identify key areas where more programming is needed and what’s ready for the mass production phase.

Our project managers will collaborate with you on your needs to create custom injection molded structural electronics. This ongoing relationship will help them give our technicians and model makers a clear understanding of the requirements of your project, and that they are met in a prompt and accurate manner.

Contact our team for more information on how we can help with your project for plastic injection molded structural electronics for electrical components.

RTV molding for the shell of two black and yellow electric drills

Our Injection Molding for Electronics & Other Capabilities

We provide many of our customers with high-volume custom plastic injection molded prototypes for electrical components. Our injection molding process for structural electronics allows for incredible accuracy at a cost-efficient price. By melting plastic resin pellets and injecting the material into a closed metal mold tool, the resin material settles into the mold, creating complex geometric shapes and accurate measurements. Once the injected material has cooled, it is ejected, resulting in a design tool that acts as a prototype in the electronics design process.

Outside of our electronic injection molding capabilities, our customers often need low-volume custom electronic enclosures for electrical components. Our RTV Molding & Casting capabilities allow us to produce very large single-piece parts at a fraction of the cost when compared to injection molding, thermoforming, or rotational molding. For higher volume jobs, we offer 3D printing and for metal parts we provide CNC machining services. Room temperature vulcanized (RTV) molding and casting, or commonly known as urethane casting, is a cost-effective process for creating custom electronic enclosures. The silicone molds have the firmness to create the cavity needed to mold dimensionally accurate parts and the flexibility for the removal of custom parts that have complex geometries or even multiple undercuts.

Got an Electronics Injection Molding Project?

If your structural electronics design needs injection molding, our team can work with you to provide custom solutions that will make your manufacturing process more efficient and improve the quality of your product. Got a project you need prototypes for that don’t call for injection molded structural electronics? We can assist with that, too.

Injection Molded Structural Electronics FAQ

Does Schmit Prototypes manufacture any electrical components such as circuit boards or display screens?

No, we make components or enclosures that are associated with those items such as plastic/metal housings, brackets, frames, etc.

Will Schmit Prototypes assemble my electronics?

Being that there are so many different kinds of electrical components we ask that you consult with a project manager by calling 715-235-8474.