Melt Temperature
Measurement System

The Importance of Understanding Melt Temperature

There are four key process variables to control when molding high-quality injection molded parts: melt temperature, fill speed, pack pressure and cooling rate. Melt temperature has always been difficult to measure accurately, especially in small shot sizes — until now. There is a revolutionary new way to measure melt temperature called the Melt Temperature Measurement System, or MTMS. By accurately duplicating melt temperature, you can reduce rejects and minimize normal process variation from lot to lot and press to press.

Melt Temperature Measurement System Kit

melt temperature measurement system kit

Accurately Measure Your Purge Temperature

The Melt Temperature Measurement System gives manufacturers the ability to accurately measure melt temperature when working with injection molded parts. Here’s what you can expect with this kit:

  • Safe — no hands near the purge
  • Measure all shot sizes — including ones smaller than one ounce
  • Repeatable from operator to operator
  • Accurate within +/- 1%
  • Eliminates human error
  • Minimizes material waste
  • Low cost per purge
  • Fast — under 1-minute cycle interruption

How It Works

MTMS is based on two major principles. The first is to keep the purge molten by using an insulator cup. And the second is to precisely position the thermocouple probe in the effective flow path for shot/purge-to-shot/purge repeatability. The new Melt Temperature Measurement System is patented and manufactured by Schmit Prototypes.

Here Is What You Need to Get Started

Melt Temperature Measurement Kit

(Part #10100) $1,299.00

High-Quality Rugged Case

50 Insulator Cups

Purge Puck With Ring

Peak Hold Pyrometer

2 Thermocouple Probes

Insulator Cups

(Part #20100)

250 for $162.50 (65¢/each)

500 for $295 (59¢/each)

1000 for $500 (50¢/each)

Replacement Components for Purchase

Call For Pricing

Purge Puck with Magnets (Part #10200)

Ring (Part #10300)

Pyrometer (Part #10400)

Thermocouple Probe (Part #10500)

Case with Foam (Part #10600)

Magnet (Part #10700)


Will it work on all press manufaturers?

It will work on all presses with a 4.000-inch diameter locating ring. If your press is different, a special spacer or collar can be made.

Will it work on all materials?

It works on most materials except for mineral and high glass-filled materials.

What if I forget to remove the thermocouple probe from the assembly after a shot?

If the purge solidifies and shrinks on the thermocouple probe, damage will occur to the probe.

What if I forget to put an insulator cup in the assembly and shoot a shot?

The purge will solidify immediately and probe damage may occur.

What shot sizes will it work on?

From ½ ounce to 10 pounds.

What is the smallest shot size you can do?

½ ounce or smaller depending on the cushion size.

What if I forget to lock the ring in place with the flat head cap screw?

It may not be a problem. Some materials stick to the insulator cup and the ring may stay with the nozzle when retracted and the purge puck stays with the mold. If this happens the thermocouple probe may be bent or damaged.

What sprue radius will it work on?

Both ½- or ¾-inch radius

I get inconsistent readings. What am I doing wrong?

The thermocouple probe must be positioned all the way into the insulator and stopped at the collar on the outside of the purge puck.

What can I expect for a range?

+/-1% on most materials.

Why am I getting slightly higher readings compared to other methods?

The purge stays molten due to the insulating properties of the cup. Also, the wiping action of the flowing material going over the probe eliminates skinning on the probe.  With the elimination of the skin, which is an insulator, the maximum temperature is obtained and recorded.

What if the thermocouple probe tip gets bent?

It can be carefully straightened.

I am using it on a large press (500 ton). Can I put an extension on the thermocouple probe?

Yes. Type K with Mini plugs.

Will it work on two- and three-shot presses with top and side barrels?

No. We are in the development stages of designing a locating system to work. Contact Schmit Prototypes for an update.

Can the insulator cups be reused?