Aluminum & Steel Tooling Services

Rapid & Quick Response Tooling

Our in-house aluminum and steel tooling technologies provide complete tool making capability and immediate support for product modifications. Injection molds can be produced in cast steel, aluminum, P-20 or high-grade tool steel. Aluminum tooling can be used if your volume requirements don’t justify the higher cost of steel tooling. Aluminum can be very cost effective. Our in-house capabilities allow for aggressive lead times on rapid tooling services and a quick response to tool modifications.

Quick-Turn Tooling

Our quick-turn tooling system consists of a master unit die (MUD) frame and block with details such as the sprue and runner systems, leader pins, water lines and ejector returns already part of the system. You pay for only the mold cavity and core details. We can build dedicated quick turn tools, tools to fit into MUD units or inserts to be put into our quick turn tooling system. Contact our team to discover more about our aluminum and steel tooling.

Mold Flow Analysis

Part Inject

Plastic injection and compression mold simulation used for plastic injection molding simulation to improve plastic part designs, injection mold designs, and manufacturing processes. We catch many design flaws before cutting tools saving time and money for our customers.

Warp Analysis

Warp analysis is used to diagnose the cause of warping and recommend a solution, such as gate location changes, design parameter changes, or reduction of wall thickness variations.


Should I choose aluminum or steel for my injection mold?

There are many variables that go into this decision, please contact one of our project managers to discuss the full scope of your project.

What if my part has undercuts?

Schmit Prototypes can build tools with automatic slides, collapsible cores, or manual pick-outs to achieve difficult geometries.

What file formats does Schmit Prototypes accept?

We can accept native SolidWorks (.sldprt) files as well as solid 3D CAD models in IGES (.igs), or STEP (.stp).

Will Schmit Prototypes store my tool?

Yes, we will keep your tool here for you and only run it when needed, or we can ship it to you as well.