Prototype Finishing & Assembly

Prototype Finishing Services

We offer various prototype finishing services such as painting, powder coating, sandblasting, polishing, pad printing, graphics, custom airbrushing, soft-touch paint, clear coats, EMI shielding, and others. We also build visual models utilizing our in-house capabilities for displays, teaching aids, trade shows, etc.

Prototype Assembly Services

If your project requires secondary operations or assembly, we have the capability to provide either manual or automated solutions. Whether it be gluing, inserting, snap-fitting, etc., we have the means to support your project through our prototype assembly services.


Does Schmit Prototypes have any size restraints on parts they can finish?

No, but it is best that you consult with a project manager by calling 715-235-8474.

Does Schmit Prototypes offer anodizing?

Not in-house, but we have a couple trusted local sources that we use for anodizing and other various finishes.

Can I have my cast urethane part molded in color and also painted?

Yes, we commonly have customers request that their parts be cast in color as well as painted.