Mass Produce Your Plastic Parts

From Prototype to Mass Production

Schmit Prototypes offers mass production of your plastic parts through our injection molding capabilities. Schmit can be your partner throughout the manufacturing process, from the first prototype to the mass production of your new part. We know you have questions, so let us break down the mass production process.

How Do I Get My Product Idea Manufactured?

No matter the quantity of the product you want manufactured, Schmit Prototypes has efficient and cost-effective ways to get it done through injection molding. First, we’ll create your prototype. You can look at this stage of the process as part development. We’re doing trial and error to create the best version of your product possible before we start manufacturing it in mass.

The injection molding process for your prototype requires pelletized resins to be melted and mixed with any colorants that are required. These are then put into molds and cooled. We also offer insert and overmolding services. Now that you have a prototype and each of your standards is met, we can start the mass production process.

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How to Mass Produce Plastic Parts

Once you have a prototype that’s market-approved to perform its function, you can mass produce as many as you want. The difference between your prototype versus mass production is the number of products you have, but mass production is also a different manufacturing process.

When creating a prototype, you might be using different materials or colors than what your end product is going to be made with.

Though there are other ways to mass produce a product, injection molding is the most common. Companies often turn to injection molding because it yields repeatable parts with the lowest part cost over large runs.

Once the tooling is up and running, cycle times only take a few seconds, and millions of high-quality parts can be produced at a fraction of the cost of all other manufacturing processes. Again, plastic pellets in your desired colors are melted into the mold, cooled, finished how you want them, and this process repeats for however many times you need.

How Much Does it Cost to Mass Produce a Product?

When you mass produce your product with the injection molding process, you end up with the lowest cost per part. It’s the upfront costs that are higher than other processes. Your product requires a specific mold, and creating the molds takes both time and money. These costs only go up with the complexity of the mold. Creating new molds for injection molding can take months to complete, and their costs can run into five or six digits.

Costs will vary based on the mold, and the number of products you want produced. Request a quote from Schmit Prototypes to get a better idea of what to expect for your product.

Ready to Mass Produce your Product?

If you’re ready to begin the mass production process for your product, get in touch with the experts at Schmit Prototypes today!

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Lee Buboltz | Moving Targets Inc.