Injection Molding Post Processing: Options for Finishing

Injection Molding Finishing Options

The finish of your injection-molded part’s final product will most likely vary based on its functionality. The finish you choose will also depend on the aesthetic you want to achieve. For the best outcome, consider the part’s texture, look and feel to help choose between finishings.

Mold texturing

Complete the look of your mold with industry-standard textures. You can expect a similar finish to that of a Mold-Tech.

Custom color matching

A simple and fast finishing option, we can formulate a colorant to match a specific Pantone or supplied part sample.

Threaded inserts

We stock and install a range of popular standard inserts in UNF and metric sizes.

Pad printing

Easily transfer your company’s logo or an image onto your product. We review images for size, color and complexity restrictions.

Laser engraving

This can be applied to the mold or directly to the final product. Laser engraving ensures consistency on each product.

Basic assembly

We offer our basic assembly services which include fastening molded parts together and the option to label individually bagged parts.

Different Materials Finish Differently

Another consideration is the chemical make-up and the texture of the material that was used in the injection molding process. When finishing HDPE, or high-density polyethylene (a softer plastic), you’re always going to get a naturally matte finish. Whereas if the material you are finishing is a harder plastic like polystyrene, the surface comes out smooth and shiny.

Let Schmit Prototypes Do the Finishing Touches

Let us continue your project with our injection molding post-processing capabilities. Schmit Prototypes offers finishing services such as painting, powder coating, sandblasting, polishing, pad printing, graphics, custom airbrushing, soft-touch paint, clear coats, EMI shielding, and others.

In addition, we’re capable of extras including putting your company’s branding on your products, stamping your logo, and assembling your product.

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