Urethane Casting

Low Volume Production Quality Parts

open tankThe urethane casting process is ideal for quickly producing high quality plastic/rubber parts without the cost of hard tooling. Urethane casting is a great alternative to injection molding when annual volumes are too low to justify the mold cost. Utilizing the silicone molds we are able to achieve large, complex parts in one solid piece. Urethane casting is ideal for:

Urethane parts can be nearly any shape or size, with materials ranging from flexible 5A – 90A Shore, semi-rigid 40D – 80D, and rigid fire rated and non-fire rated.

  • ABS-like – Ideal for pre-production parts and marketing samples
  • Clear – Clear urethane casting is ideal for creating transparent plastic components
  • High-Strength – Ideal for low volume production parts
  • High-Temperature – Ideal for low volume production parts in high heat applications